Week 10; March 24th

This week, after spending the morning cleaning and feeding, the weather was warm and sunny. We took three dogs, the two red-foot tortoises and Giggles to the field. Taking the tortoises to a different environment and allowing them to roam unrestricted was excellent exercise for them. Whilst they were roaming they also grazed which is brilliant dietary enrichment as they eat fresh grass, weeds and dandelions. This makes a change to their daily salad diet and allows them to forage for themselves. For tortoises, food enrichment can be as simple as changing the shape, size or location of their food. Enrichment like this creates cognitive stimulation and prevents them from getting “bored”. (https://tortoisegarden.com/2015/07/27/enrichment-providing-mental-well-being-for-your-tortoise/)




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